This is the introductory chapter of my short story "The American Conspiracy". The purpose of this chapter is to breif yoy on events that have occurred leading up to the entrance of the main character in chapter 1. It describes the events of the American government conspiring against its citizens in order to gain complete control over them. This is a science fiction story based on a number of conspiracy theories. I give full credit to the people who came up with the conspiracies that I reference in my story.

Introduction: Everything is not as it seems.

There are two important things that one should know about human nature. One, when given power over others, one most likely will abuse it. Two, when given the choice to better one’s self or to better human kind, one will almost always choose themselves over the whole of humanity. These are the reasons why it is impossible to ever have a human society based completely on freedom and equality.

Believe what you want about conspiracy theories and what not, but more than likely, the people who believe in these theories are the ones who will be most prepared in an apocalyptic event. Many people think that anyone who believes in conspiracies is probably crazy. I believed this at one point too, but when met face to face with the truth I had no choice other than to believe that these people I once though were just crazy or attention-seekers were actually right all along, at least about a few conspiracies. Particularly the conspiracy theory that the American government is trying to control its citizens by powers of technology and mind control.

The truth about any government is that it is destined to become corrupt, and destined to fall. Human history will prove this because through out history one will find that societies have flourished for a period of time and then fallen due to oppression, war, and revolts. One of the most famous examples of this is the ancient Aztec Empire. This civilization began in the ancient city of Tenochtitlan where a people known as the Mexica began an onslaught of war and seizure on neighboring peoples in order to take over and control civilizations to add them to their empire. We can consider that the Mexica were the leaders and the oppressed and captured people surrounding the Mexica were the civilians. This style of government began with the idea of corruption and oppression. The Mexica believed that turning the captured civilizations against one another would keep them from turning on the leaders. This proved to be a mistake and the Mexica empire fell due to revolts from the oppressed Aztec civilians. Even though the Aztec Empire started out with the idea of oppression in mind, not all governments begin with this idea.

The United States of America was founded on the idea of freedom and equality. This mindset was kept alive for nearly three centuries, but as the world became more technologically advanced, the government became more and more tempted to use technology to oppress the citizens of America. This became known especially during the Cold War when the government claimed it was to protect its citizens from communism. At the time this was a good thing, but the government’s “innocence” did not last.

Starting in the middle of the 20th century the government took it upon itself to begin testing ways to control the minds of its citizens. They experimented on citizens as well as animals and prisoners. They used anything from drugs to hypnotism to achieve this. Eventually they stumbled upon the idea that different sounds cause certain things to happen to humans, whether they know it or not. They began exploring how this could lead to mass mind control of its citizens as well as humanity itself. After thousands of hours of research they found the answer. Using radio’s, television, mp3 players, cell phones, and satellites they began the mass oppression of the American citizens. From a young age american children were taught that America was the land of the free and that equality was given to every citizen, so it was easy to keep the already trusting citizens believing that their government was free of corruption. 

At the start of the 21st century the government began abducting and imprisoning citizens in larger numbers. They started by extending sentences of prisoners and arresting people considered to be breaking the law and locking them up in jails across the nation. This appeared to be normal still to the average citizen of America. Taxes were raised and mass prisons were being built in any city that had the money for it. This still was believed to be normal by the citizens because the government explained to them that their was going to be a rise in population in the next few years and the new jails would be needed for that reason. The next step was to begin collecting homeless people and putting them in “free-housing”. These facilities had a layout similar to the death camps used in Nazi Germany during WWII. Still citizens, for the most part, believed that the government was just trying to help the poor “get back on their feet”.

The next step was to create mass amounts of psychotic mental outbreaks in citizens who were, for the most part, normal and deeming them unfit for society. These people were labeled mentally unstable and locked away in psychotic wards across the U.S. At this time the government also released different hazardous diseases in order to infect and incapacitate large numbers of citizens without them knowing. These citizens were restrained in containment facilities in order to "contain" the outbreak. They were told that they would be treated for their diseases, but most of them were either experimented on further or left to rot in hospital beds. Then, the government started abducting and murdering normal citizens. They did this by taking unsuspecting campers and hikers from national parks and either killing them, conducting experiments on them, or locking them up in secret facilities for later purposes. The citizens thought that this was very strange and people began to question their government. 

At this time, the remaining citizens began to realize what was happening and retaliated for the first time since the civil war against their government. This began the second American civil war and fights and rebellions broke out in major cities across the U.S.A. The government began to use nuclear weapons, and mind control gas on the rebel army. Half of the remaining civilians either fled to Mexico or Canada or stayed to fight against their oppressors. I chose to escape the absolute fate of either death or oppression that awaited those who joined the civil war. I now bring you to the present, where I will document my journey in what was once a great nation, but now is only a wasteland of terror, war, and oppression.

Written by: Leslie Schneider aka LeslieannArt
Do not copy or use any of my writing without my consent. If you do use my writing give me credit by writing out my name : Leslie Schneider and giving my username as well as tagging me.
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